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Khalid Majid Ali

Khalid is a web designer/developer; who is on a mission to make stuff look beautiful, and feel interactively alive on the web. He has been obsessed with design since as long as he can remember, and spends his leisure time drawing and sketching.

The blessed month of Ramadan

Asalaam o alikum to all of my Muslim brothers and sisters and blessed greetings to all my friends. Wishing all of you a very Happy begining of Ramadan (the 9th month in the Hijri Lunar Calendar).

Here is a gift for all of you, a beautiful wallpaper designed by yours truly. Feel free to download, its available in four different sizes to suit your screen's resolution.

With the blessings of Allah Wallaper

Have a wonderful Ramadan, be kind to the needy, pray for the souls of all those who have left us, pray for the living that they may find friendship and peace among themselves and pray for me as well. May Allah's light shine apon us all, Aameen. Remember me in your prayers.

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  • Nadeem


    19th of March 2010, 2:58 AM

    Good work
  • Arif


    26th of March 2011, 6:03 AM

    Nice site, thanks for the wallpaper. :)

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